Terrorism and Kids
Comforting Your Child   by Fern Reiss
ISBN: 1-893290-09-3
American Booksellers' Association BookSense 76 (best new books) selection for January/February 2002!

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The world today is a scary place...
Will your child be OK?

Did you know:

  • Children who see terrorism on television are as traumatized as if they had been there?
  • Preoccupation with bruises and scraped knees can be a sign of trauma in children?
  • Watching violence on television makes children more fearful in general?
Terrorism and Kids: Comforting Your Child is an invaluable guide for parents and teachers who are faced with children's difficult questions during these dificult times. This book includes dozens of practical tips for minimizing kids' fears without being over­protective and specific answers to questions children may ask (What about anthrax and smallpox? Will they bomb us?) You'll learn how to talk about terrorism with your preschoolers, elementary school children, and teenagers, and help them feel safe again.
A compelling glimpse into today's world and America's newest challenge. You are to be commended for the effort and commitment you have put into this piece of work. Thank you.
- Senator Edward M. Kennedy
Compassionate, intuitive, accessible. A wonderful resource and must-have for every parent and teacher.
- Aviva Bock, psychotherapist and Harvard Medical School instructor
Her commonsensical approach is a good place to begin the healing process.
- Stephanie Zvirin, American Library Association's Booklist Magazine


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