Terrorism and Kids
Comforting Your Child   by Fern Reiss

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Terrorism and Kids
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Terrorism and Kids: Comforting Your Child is for parents and teachers who are faced with children's difficult questions during these difficult times. It includes both strategies for comforting children generally (watch for unusual pre-occupation with bruises, monitor fantasy play, keep to routines) and specific answers to questions children may ask (Are we all going to die? What about anthrax and smallpox? Will they bomb us?)

Here is an abbreviated Table of Contents from the book:

Introduction 13
What about the children? 14
Who is this book for? 15
How is terrorism different? 17
Will my child be ok? 21
What's inside 22
Strategies for Helping Your Child 25
Tailoring Your Approach to the Age of Your Child 103
Infants 104
Preschoolers 105
Elementary school children 107
Teenagers 109
Answering Children's Questions 111
Mommy, what happened? 111
Will we all die? 113
Why do people have to die, anyway? 115
What does dying feel like? 117
Why did this happen? 119
Will it happen here? 121
Is there going to be a war? 123
Will any bombs fall on us? 125
What about anthrax and smallpox? 127
Are there any terrorists here? 129
What should I do if I see a terrorist? 131
Did this happen because I was bad? 133
Can I stay home from school? 135
Is it ok to cry? 137
Is it ok to laugh and smile? 139
What can we do to make a difference? 141
Why am I having bad dreams? 143
Why do I keep thinking about it? 145
Will I ever feel normal again? 147
Writing, Drawing, and Playing as Therapy 149
Writing 151
Drawing 153
Playing 155
For Further Reading 157

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