Terrorism and Kids
Comforting Your Child   by Fern Reiss

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What Librarians are Saying about Terrorism and Kids:

Stephanie Zvirin in Booklist (December 1, 2001):
“Without a hint of jargon, Reiss sums up a lot of what experts have been advising on television and in the popular press. Her introductory remarks lend a sense of how acts of terrorism can affect various age groups—from infants to teens—but the text focuses on elementary and middle-graders, kids who understand the events and recognize at least some of the implications but are unable to handle their feelings and fit the facts into the context of their everyday lives. She goes on to summarize strategies (including using art and play) to help kids deal with fear and emotional overload; and she offers answers, truthful without being scary, to a number of questions kids are likely to ask: ‘Did this happen because I was bad?’ ‘Are there any terrorists here?’ She never pretends to know all the answers, but her commonsensical, secular approach is a good place to begin the soothing process.”

Library Appearances:
Fern Reiss will be speaking at the following libraries in upcoming weeks:
Fern Reiss has both the research and personal experience to share with her audience. Her presentation is direct, current, yet intimate. Knowledge is comforting and Fern provides many answers.
- Kathy Cockcroft, Director, Canton Public Library, Canton, CT
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Author Fern Reiss speaks at libraries nationwide. Seminars include a lecture, popular question/answer session, and autographing. Fern is an engaging and in-demand speaker. To book her for your library, contact PBJPress@aol.com.

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